➤ Getting your 1st Account Challenge

Once your payment has been completed, It takes less then 5-10 minutes & receive your credentials for your challenge phase.

Make sure to check SPAM or PROMOTIONAL Folders on any email site
just incase it did not arrive in main inbox.

If you are still having a delay in receiving credentials you can reach out to us via LiveChat Support on our website or send an email.

Phase 2 Credentials take between 24-48 hours business hours to get completed as a review process of your account is done with that timeframe to ensure that there were no violations or rules broken on your account.

Challenge/Funded Rules:

Daily Drawdown – 6%

Maximum Loss – 11%

Leverage – 1:100

Payout Period – 30 Days of your account life at the start of your 1st Trade then weekly payout request after that

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