What is the Scaling Plan?

The scaling plan allows traders to grow their account size based on consistent performance, allowing them to increase their potential payouts over time.

You must request to have your account reviewed every 3 months to see if you are eligible.

To scale your account, you must be profitable for at least 2 out of 3 months and have an average of 6% profit or more over the 3-month period.

Scale increases are 25% of the original starting account balance and can be earned all the way up to $2M USD.

For example, if you start with a $100,000 account and are profitable 2 out of 3 months with at least a 6% profit minimum you will qualify for a 25% scale increase on your account. So, the next month you will be given an additional $25,000 added to the initial balance of your account.

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