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Great Traders Deserve Serious Capital

Pass our funding challenge and be the leader of the pack with capital up to $300K.

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Get Funded With A Leading Prop Firm

Alpha Trader is a leading Prop Trading Firm that is looking to empower traders of all levels to show their worth. 

Got what it takes? Show us who is the Alpha and get funded with up to $300k of our funds.

Evaluation Process

We want to give traders the ultimate environment to trade. Not only will you access Next-Gen tech, but we are also simplifying the funding path & giving all traders a fairer chance. 

Alpha Trader Verification

1. Evaluation

The evaluation process starts with the first challenge. You must pass all requirements of this stage to become eligible and move on to the verification stage and become an Alpha-funded trader!

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2. Verification

After successfully passing our evaluation stage you will move to stage 2, Verification. Just like the first stage, you will have the tools to trade and simply meet our realistic trading goals. Remember still NO TIME LIMITS.

Become an Alpha Trader Funded Trader

3. Alpha Trader

Trade like a pro with the Alpha Trader Proprietary Trading firm and receive up to 80% of your virtual profits. If you consistently generate profitable returns on our Account, we will scale your initial balance by 25%.

Become an Alpha Trader With Up to $300K Funding

Your Skills, Our Funding

We want to provide our traders with a comfortable trading environment. That’s why we have come up with a simple 2 step program that helps you go from beginner to Alpha and get the funding you deserve.

80/20 Profit Split in Your Favour

Your Virtual Profit Payout Within 7 Days

We love to reward our top traders that’s why we offer a generous profit split of 80% along with up to $300k of our capital, but we don’t just stop there. 

Not only do we offer this split, we are known in the industry for offering the BEST PAYOUT CONDITIONS. Receive your first payout within a month of passing your challenge and on a weekly basis thereafter. 

Funded Profits in 7 Days
25% Virtual Profit Increase of Starting Balance

Build Your Trading Career With a Scaling Plan

Test your skills & prove your consistency and we will increase the balance of your Alpha Account by 25% every 3 months.

Eligible if you have profited at least 6% over the three months and must be profitable 2 out of the 3 months minimum.

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Unlock Our Next-Gen Trading Platform, TradeLocker

Integrated with TradingView & built with all the advanced features  you need to trade and more.

TradeLocker promises a more modern & unique funding experience 

Get Funded With TradeLocker
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Everything You Need to Know

Want to know more about our challenges? Check out our FAQs for all our queries answered.

Alpha Trader are a Proprietary Trading Firm that give traders the opportunity to trade up to $300k of their capital.

A Funded Challenge is a way for traders to prove their trading consistency. You must pass a set of Challenge requirements, eg., Profit Target or Drawdown, over 2 phases to get funded up to $300K of our capital.

Our Challenge is set up with simplified requirements. Traders need to meet a Profit Target of 10%, Daily Drawdown of 6% and an Overall Drawdown of 11%, and trade a minimum of 8 days during the challenge to pass.

If, at any point, you fail to meet the requirements of your Challenge, you will need to start over. You can purchase an unlimited number of Challenges.

The Alpha Trader Challenge is open to traders of all levels. Simply prove you build consistent profits and you will access up to $300k in funding. Take a chance today!

Once you have met the requirements of both phases, our team will carefully review your account. If you are granted a Funded account, you will need to verify your identity to trade.

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