How it Works

Unlock up to $300,000 of our capital in a Funded Program built with realistic targets, no time limits & NO Consistency Rule.

Evaluation Overview

Unlock the potential to get funded from the 4 challenges that we offer. Prove yourself to be an Alpha Trader where you can trade our capital (up to $300K) and keep 80% of the profit. We don’t stop there, not only do you get 80:20 profit split, but we also scale your account 25% if you prove to be consistent.

1. Challenge

The evaluation process starts with the first challenge. You must pass all requirements of this stage to become eligible and move on to the verification stage and become an Alpha funded trader!

10% Profit Target 

2. Verification

After successfully passing our evaluation stage you will move to stage 2, Verification. Just like the first stage you will have the tools to trade and simply meet our realistic trading goals. 

5% Profit Target 

3. Get Funded

Trade like a pro with the Alpha Trader Proprietary Trading firm and receive up to 80% of your profits. If you consistently generate profitable returns on our Account, we will scale your initial balance by 25%.

80:20 Profit Split
Trade With the Best and Become the Best

Not Just Your Ordinary Prop Firm

Simplified Rules

We get it, following rules is never fun! That is why we have simplified it. Our challenges consist of realistic profit targets allowing you to get funded more transparently, but still build healthy trading habits.

24/7 Support

To help you in your trading journey and make the most out of your virtual funded demo accounts, we have a team of customer support to guide you 24/7. Or simply check our our FAQs for any query you need answered.

Built for Success

From superior analytics, Affiliate management system, leaderboards, competitions and much more. We have built a product that allows traders to access all their trading needs in one place.

Funded in 7 Days

We pride ourselves on being one of the fastest Proprietary trading firms to offer funding.

Instant Account Access

Alpha Traders instantly get access to their easy to use, modern dashboard.

No Consistency Rule

Conquer any strategy and get funded with complete freedom.

Our Trading Objectives Explained

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